Our Nutritionists

Victoria Abel, MA, MNT, CAN


Victoria has been in the field of addiction and recovery since 1992, having received her first Masters and working in dual diagnosis treatment centers. After her daughter’s critical illness was healed through a change in diet, her interest in food escalated. After completing a nutrition degree she combined her years as an addiction therapist and her passion for nutrition and creativity. She now consults at many treatment centers as well as one on one nutrition therapy with clients. She also is the nutrition therapist for partners for integrated cancer therapies. She provides nutrition information for patients fighting cancer and other diseases. She lives in the mountains of Arizona with her now very healthy daughter.

Robin Ann  – Administrative Assistant


I have been a Health Care professional for over 30 years, working as a Geriatric Social Worker and as a Hospice Chaplain.  Because of personal experience, nutrition and sobriety have been vital my healthy and active life.   I am dedicated to supporting and guiding others in their journey of well being.

Karen Luce, CNTP, MNT   – Candidate

Karen Luce received her nutrition therapy certification through Nutrition Therapy Institute. She has been working with Center for Addiction Nutrition since 2017 leading small groups and cooking classes. She is also the Research Coordinator for the Clinical Content Committee at NANP.org. Karen’s passion is understanding the connection between nutrition and mental health.