Our 12-16 Week Lecture Series

Holistic and Integrated Recovery

Treatment facilities are realizing the importance of holistic and integrated recovery. This includes body, mind and spirit. Nutrition information along with hands on cooking skills training supports addicts in new recovery from chemical and process addictions in many ways. Clients show more rapid detoxification, decrease in cravings, clearer thinking and more positive behavioral changes with addiction nutrition.

CAN provides all of this and more to treatment centers, both inpatient and outpatient. Our 12-16 week lecture series will provide your clients a large amount of information that is practical, applicable and sustainable for real life changes. These lectures include topics like:

  • Drugs, Alcohol and the effects on the brain
  • How sugar increases cravings and mood changes
  • Organic vs. Conventionally grown foods
  • How food allergies and intolerances impact drug and alcohol use
  • How much protein? And what kind?

Ongoing Training

CAN also provides short term or ongoing training and support for clinical staff and those in private practice. This information can support therapists, wellness coaches, behavioral health specialists and body workers in helping their client’s more effectively.


Work 1:1 with CAN Certified professionals

Clients can also work 1:1 with CAN Certified professionals to help create meal plans, guidance with grocery shopping, help with supplementation and cooking instruction to help keep the body and the mind healthy. People with disordered eating may need more than a few sessions with CAN professionals to help maintain and meal plan that is centered on FREEDOM within the relationship with food. Clients have had a great deal of success with these sessions that may be weekly, bi-weekly or monthly in person or via Skype.